My Fee Rates (Weddings)

My fee of $975* includes the following services:

  • Initial and subsequent consultations – email, phone, in person etc.

  • Completion of legal paperwork - Notice of Intended Marriage – deposit of $200 required at this time

  • My time in creating your ceremony, making it unique and to your requirements, written specifically for you

  • Access to my resources, including sample ceremonies, ideas for vows, readings and rituals

  • On-site rehearsal – final payment of $775 due at or before rehearsal

  • Conducting the Ceremony on your big day!

  • Use of my PA system – please organise a person to play music required

  • Signing Table

  • Includes travel up to 100 kilometres.

  • After that, travel is charged at the ATO rate - presently 72c per km.

  • Performing legal functions

  • Registering your Marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages

  • Postage, and paperwork costs

  • Decorative Marriage Certificate

  • Memento copy of Ceremony

Discount is available for family and friends

A few things to consider when you are planning your ceremony:


When you are deciding on a wedding ceremony venues (outdoors) - you should take the time to think carefully about your guests.


  • Will the location be easily accessible for the elderly and for children?

  • In case of hot weather will there be sufficient shade?

  • Will you need to have drinking water on standby in case of need?

  • Should you suggest to your guests when sending out invitations to bring umbrellas in case there is no shade?

  • Is the location easily found? Streamers, balloons or signs may be necessary


Weather Conditions:

I have a duty of care to your guests to uphold and I, myself will not conduct an outdoor ceremony where there will be extreme weather conditions. So, make sure there is a Plan B! (or even C and D!)


If your ceremony is outdoors and the weather is either warm or cold, I must stress to the bride to NOT BE LATE! You don’t want your guests dying of heat stress (it has happened!!) or freezing to death (it hasn’t happened yet…)


Please also consider where the sun will be in the sky – you don’t want to be squinting into the sun and nor do your guests. I recommend the rehearsal be arranged for the same time of day just to check the sun’s position.



If you are planning to have outside photos taken, make sure that your ceremony is early enough so that there will be time prior to the reception. Also, consider light of the day, particularly in winter months.

If the bride is late, this can affect time allowed for photos.

Please be aware that if the bride is more than 20 minutes late, I may not be able to wait around if I have another ceremony to attend. Ensure you delegate someone who can contact me in case of emergency.

Check my website for more information. I am always available to discuss your needs. It is my objective to make your day everything you want it to be.  


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are unsure, have questions or need reassurance.


Megan Tuffley | JP CMC