Losing a loved one can turn your world upside down. Your emotions will be playing havoc and planning a funeral can add enormous stress to you and your family.

Let me take some of the burden from you by assisting you to create a beautiful ceremony honouring the person you have lost, a wonderful celebration of their life. I will work with you to develop a service that expresses the depth of your loved one’s life with dignity and strength.

I will work with the Funeral Director of your choice to make sure the service you choose will run smoothly and efficiently.

Funerals can take many forms. Some are simply memorials with family and friends, followed by private burial or cremation at a later time. Some will be grand affairs with a procession following the hearse to the place of cremation or burial. It is a personal choice, often already made by the person prior to their passing.

I always find it’s a good idea when planning a funeral, to stop and say to yourself, “Is this what he/she would want?” Talk to friends and family and enlist their help – people are only too willing to be of assistance in such a sad time.

The loss of young people and children can be particularly emotionally traumatic. I can help you to make the celebration of their life, however short, meaningful and special.

There are many rituals that can take place at funerals. Lighting candles,singing songs or planting a tree can help friends and family to express their feelings openly. These ideas and more can be discussed when we meet.

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