Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies are a way of celebrating the birth of a child in the way that a couple wishes to do so, including family and friends in an environment of their choice. It is also a wonderful way to welcome adopted or step children into the family.

Naming Ceremonies allow the family to bring together their community of family and friends and elect special people in their lives to become guardians or godparents to their child.

Often, a baby’s first birthday is an ideal time to add the ceremony as an additional celebration.

Naming Ceremonies can be conducted any way that you prefer, but the general outline is as follows:

• Welcome and introduction
• Poems, readings
• Naming of baby/child/children
• Appointment of adults as guardians/mentors/godparents
• Welcome of child to community of friends and families
• Ritual of choice – candle lighting, rose petals, wishing well
• Closing words, readings, poems
• Signing of certificate
• Guests book signing, writing of wishes, tree planting or other ritual for guests

This ceremony can be as unique and different or traditional as you wish. There are no legal requirements for Naming Ceremonies. I am with you all the way to help you plan and carry out the style of ceremony you would like for your child or children.

Commitment Ceremony

Although the Marriage Act does not yet permit same-sex marriage, I would be most honoured to perform your Commitment Ceremony.

The ceremony can contain all parts of a normal marriage ceremony but does not have the legal wording.

Please see MARRIAGE CEREMONY for further information on planning your Commitment Ceremony.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A wonderful way to celebrate a marriage milestone, a Renewal of Vows ceremony can also be the wedding you wish you’d had.

Renewing your love and commitment to each other in front of family and friends can be every bit as special as a wedding. Many couples find that their love is deepened further through expressing their promises to each other once more.

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